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Please be patient while the pages load. It might take a minute or two to load on a 56k dialup connectoin. You could read the info at the top of each page as it loads while you wait!

All the photos are arranged by location. Click the photo for the location to see the info and the photos from there. The photos are at the bottom of this page.

Each folder contains details of when and where we went, and what we did there.

I know that there are a lot of photos, but these are the best pics (pardon the pun hehehe) from 7 CDs!

Oh, by the way, there are like almost 300 photos on here, and it took me long enough just to rezise them and create the thumbnails, I really couldn't be bothered to make them brighter. Some of them are dark so you'll need to turn up the brightness on your monitor, sorry about that.

If you want to know more about Romania, such as where it is, who we are, history, and any relevant info, click on the Tourist Information Terminal icon below. ;-) Either way, enjoy the photos!

A basic map of Romania and the locations talked about on this website.

A basic location map of Romania.

A brief outline of what we did:

I went to Romania on July the 22nd. Got there by car from England, mum drove as I'm too lazy to try for a driving licence. My mum doesn't like planes, but likes driving. It takes about 3 days to get there, so we sleep in motels on the way there. Luke arrived by plane a week later to Budapest (capitol city of Hungary), then by train to Bucharest (capitol city of Romania).

We stayed in Bucharest for about a week at my mum's apartment. Too long really. We should have gotten a move earlier on. :) Remember, for more details see the info in the folder for the location you want!

We then saw Sinaia, stayed there for 3 days, a town/tourist resort at the base of the Meridional Carpathians Mountains (or the Transylvanian Alps as we call them).

After that we moved on to Brasov, a very old city within Transylvania. Very nice, spent 3 days there, and on the last day there we went to visit Bran Castle.

We then came back to Bucharest, but we only stayed 2 days because we then moved on to Sighisoara where we stayed 2 days, during the Medieval Festival. Another very old town, brithplace of Vlad (Dracul) Tepes also known as Dracula, located deep within Transylvania.

We then came back to Bucharest and went to the Black Sea. We stayed for 3 days.

After that we came back to Bucharest (our base, sice I still have a home there) and the next day went to Budapest. Stayed there for 2 days, after which Luke went home by plane, and I returned back to Bucharest by train.

I went back to the Black Sea with my mom for a further 4 days.

Upon returning from the Black Sea, me and mom went to her place of birth for the day, a village called Colonesti.

After that I stayed in Bucharest a few more days and then I returned to England.

Text cant explain how good it was, but as far as I'm concerned, it was the best holiday I've ever had, hence this website. =D

Information on Romania

Click here for info, photos and facts on Romania.


Click here for info, photos and facts on Bucharest.


Click here for info, photos and facts on Sinaia.


Click here for info, photos and facts on Brasov.

Bran Castle

Click here for info, photos and facts on the Bran Caslte.


Click here for info, photos and facts on Sighisoara.


Click here for info, photos and facts on the Romanian Riviera.


Click here for info, photos and facts on Budapest.


Click here for info, photos and facts on Colonesti.

Other Photos

Click here for info, photos and facts on the other stuff to do with this holiday.

Click here for info, photos and facts on the other stuff to do with this holiday.

What I wish we did that we didn't have time to:

Go to Costinesti seaside resort. It is the cheapest resort, but that is because it is for students. It's great fun there as there are many young people, and everything is very cheap...by Romanian standards!

Go to the Danube Delta. The Danube, a very long river goes through many countries and finishes in Romania. It splits in two, then back in one, then two again, then one again, and then in three creating the Danube Delta by the Black Sea. The largest wetland in Europe with hundreds of species of birds, lots of unique wildlife, beautiful scenery to see too. There are restaurants that serve great fish based food in the Delta, even Luke could eat that! He's a vegetarian.
I've been there as a kid, it was very nice, but I wanted to see it again as an adult.

The other place I wanted to see was the Slanic Salt mine. A salt mine deep underground, originally opened up by the Romans, some 1900 years ago, it is still mined to this day. The upper levels are very cavernous and opened to the public. Everywhere you look, salt. The walls are really high, nicely lit and some are sculpted too. I went there as a kid, but I hear that now it's much nicer. I will definitely go there next summer.
Click on the Other Photos icon if you want to see photos of some of the places we missed.

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